Should Robert E. Lee Elementary's name be changed?

Reading prepared statements to the school board, four elementary school students, who do not attend the school named for Confederate General Robert E. Lee, said they're insulted that some do.

"The Confederacy stood for the slavery that tried to make black lives inferior," said fifth grader Nyah Hunter. "This hurts our feelings because we are human beings."

Lee is a magnet school of about 280 students, of whom 55 percent are black.

"Please remove the name Robert E. Lee from the elementary school on Columbus," said Christian Martin.

The students were led by Crystal Wilson of the Students of a Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.

"They're elementary students, high school students- now they know the process," said Wilson.

The board's only African American member agreed it was time for the board to talk about it.

"Before I project about whether it is right or wrong," said member Doretha Edgecomb. "I am going to say that more importantly, I hear from the people who would be most affected by that."

But she also wondered where the line is.

How about the schools named for slave-holding presidents Madison, Monroe and Jackson?

"What is the domino effect of that?"

Superintendent Jeff Eakins wasn't ready to get on board either.

He says there has to be a groundswell of community support, well beyond five speakers.

"We also have to honor history across our community," said Eakins. "I think what we have to do is know there was a reason for that particular building to be named Robert E. Lee Elementary School."

Edgecomb said the board will have to discuss Lee Elementary, but no date has been set for that.

When asked, the organizer of those students says they are considering a formal petition.