Siesta Key restaurant serves up sustainability

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At Spearfish Siesta Grille at the Siesta Key Marina, it's not just the fresh fish that's catching customers' attention. It's the way they're serving it up. 

"Just because you put it in a trash can doesn't just mean it vanishes," offered Chef James Woffard. 

Chef Woffard said the Siesta Key restaurant has worked to make sure a majority of their restaurant items are sustainable. 

"These are all naturally fallen palm leaves like off of your regular palm tree. Flatware is actually made out of bamboo. Straws are made out of a paper product.  These are a cellulose product these are completely based in corn," Woffard said, showing off the wares. 

Woffard and just about all of his employees grew up in the area and on the water. They feel like it's their job to keep Siesta Key as clean as they can. 

"We want to do what we can to make sure all of that will break down and degrade and compost naturally and not be a plight on the nature out here. We make our living off of how beautiful it is out here and we are lucky," said Woffard. 

The unique utensils turn into their own talking point. "It's kind of hitting a home run for me," said Robin Draper. 

Draper has seen paper straws, but palm leaf plates and bamboo forks are something new. 

"I think everyone is getting much more conscious of it. I know I am. I think it adds to the whole experience and you feel a lot better," she said. 

It's their hope that customers leave with a full stomach -- and an open mind on sustainability. 

"Not only is it good to see we are able to help, but it’s cool to have that conversation starter as well," added Woffard.