Signs threaten Denver dog owners with ‘poisoned meatballs,' ‘paw crushing traps'

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On a busy stretch of road in Denver, Colorado, an unassuming display might not catch passersby’s attention right away.

But get a little closer and you would see the very clear message from a clearly frustrated resident: Keep your dog, and its excrement, off my lawn.

Two pieces of orange paper, slipped into plastic folder sleeves, are taped side-by-side on a yard sign.

The first one reads, “these are the kinds of inconsiderate [expletive]s that should never own or walk dogs,” and “News flash – None of us want your dog’s [expletive] in our yards. I shouldn’t have to tell you this. Grow up!”

The text on the second page is a bit more sinister.

“Vote for your preferred method of dog deterrence at” 

The page continues:

A. Poisoned meatballs

B. Paw crushing traps

C. Smearing dog [excrement] all over your front door

D. All of the above

The sign’s creator further drives their point by tying about 10 plastic baggies filled with dog poo from the sign and the tree above the sidewalk.

A reporter with KDVR in Denver asked pedestrians on the street what they thought about the display. One person said he “totally gets it.”

“I mean, there’s definitely people out there that leave their dog’s poop on the ground. It’s not right,” he said.

Another man said he “thinks it’s over the top.”

Denver police said because the signs do not contain any direct threats, it comes down to a matter of free speech, albeit unpleasant.