Six months after double amputation, teen re-learns how to walk

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Despite the odds, a teen who had both his legs amputated six months ago is now learning how to walk on his own again.

Logan Belisle, 17, is recovering from a devastating tree trimming accident that took place June 28.

According to Belisle, he was trimming trees when an electric shock threw him to the ground. Belisle believes water on the trees conducted the electricity.

Belisle was airlifted to Blake Medical Center where he received life-saving treatment.

The teen recently got prosthetic legs and is learning how to use them.

“It’s nice to finally walk again, know that I can actually do it," said Belisle.

Logan and his family attribute his progress to his positive attitude and the team of doctors, nurses, and therapists at Blake Medical Center who have been helping Belisle around the clock.

Dr. Michael Van Vlit said Belisle went into cardiac arrest during a surgery July 4, but was revived.

“To sort of see someone go from death essentially, he was clinically dead on July 4, to be able to be walking less than six months later with bilateral amputations, he’s a pretty impressive guy."

Belisle is now back at home with his parents and siblings. He is focusing on the recovery process and earning for his GED.