Slurp slurp: Dehydrated koala desperate for water during Australian heatwave

A koala suffering through the intense heatwave in South Australia in January was desperate to lap up some water to cool down.

Wildlife care organisation Adelaide Koala Rescue advised the public to put out water for wildlife during the extreme conditions. “It’s up to everyday Australians to keep a look out and help wildlife in distress. The least we can all do is put water out around homes, workplaces and schools. Please help wildlife get through this horrendous week of weather,” they wrote on Facebook.

They said a range of native wildlife were suffering and dying due to the unprecedented heat.
January 13 to January 16 were in Australia’s top 10 warmest days on record, according to Bureau of Meteorology, with South Australia’s Tarcoola breaking records on January 15 when it reached a whopping 49 degrees Celsius, or 120 degrees Fahrenheit.