Social media influencing is big business for former USF athlete

Do you know what a social media influencer is?  Have you been influenced to make a purchase because of them?  Believe it or not, it’s becoming big business.

For former USF track athlete Jordan Edwards, building herself up started at one of her lowest points. 
“It all started with track at USF I tore my ACL, from there I was rehabbing. A lot of people saw what I was doing I was posting videos of myself working out making my knee stronger it took off,” she said.

Since then, she has amassed more than 300,000 followers on her Instagram account.  She has become what is known as a social media influencer, someone who makes money promoting and selling products and services online. 

“They send me products that I can use and anyone can use my code, Jordan, they get a discount then I get a commission,” she said.

She also sells her own workout and meal plans.  It is all big business.  Some of the biggest influencers in the industry include stars like the Kardashians and The Rock. 

“I was going to go to school for physical therapy or medical sale and this was beyond what I can dream of,” Edwards said.

“It is a big deal,” said Christine Turner, executive vice president at the ChappelRoberts ad agency in Tampa. 

“In 2019 people are predicting that for every dollar spent on social media marketing a company can expect $6 back,” Turner told FOX 13.

With so many influencers and products out there, how do you know you aren’t being ripped off?

“The thing about this platform you get instant feedback and especially if it’s a big purchase I would definitely recommend vetting that through whatever review sites there are,” she said. 

Edwards says this is her livelihood now, full time as a rising fitness and social media mover.

“Today it hit me it’s all about not giving up and literally doing what you want and dreaming about doing,” Edwards said.