Socially distant dancers perform on the streets of St. Petersburg

Dozens of dancers recently lined the streets of St. Petersburg for a socially distant performance called Reverberation.

"It's a different way to watch dance, a different way to perform dancem” said dance instructor Andeee Scott. 

It's part of a larger project called 'Dance in the Time of Coronavirus.'

"The idea is that the dancers are executing a kind of flipbook and then the audience drives by, rides by of bicycles or walks. It's a movement flipbook with the audience traveling through the dance peace." 

Twenty-one dancers spread out 20 feet apart, for more than three blocks. 

Scott said, "Everybody is doing the same material but they're doing it in a cannon. It's basically a ripple that passes through all the dancers from the front all the way to the back." 

Scott added that you have to come up with creative ways to dance during the coronavirus. 

She said it’s been a challenge, but added, "Having this opportunity to do it safely, distantly, but yet together, it’s been wonderful." 

Scott said they will be having more performances this summer. A performance schedule can be found here.