Son uses mom's red velvet recipe to raise money for cancer treatments

Sweet things are happening in Anthony Lewis' kitchen. The Brandon man was inspired to start baking while his mother was battling cancer.

Two years ago, Anthony's mom, Selina was diagnosed with breast cancer and Anthony wanted to help. He remembered the red velvet cake his mom made when he was a kid - and everyone loved.

He asked his mom to show him the recipe so he could bake and sell them to raise money for her cancer treatments.

"The cake is actually really, really, good," Lewis said. "When she showed me how to do it. I put it out on social media, to my friends that I had... It blew my mind. It blew my mind. I didn't think that it would blow as big as it did."

Two years later, he has sold more than 3,000 of his tasty treats.

"She was amazed, like, you know, 'How are you doing this? How are you getting people to buy the cake? How are you marketing this cake?'" Lewis said. "I put it out there and they really like the cake."

Selina is now cancer-free. Anthony was so moved by the experience that he kept baking - donating a dollar to the Florida Cancer Specialist Foundation from every cake he sells. He calls the venture Selina's, after his mom.

"You're benefiting in both ways. You're helping out the Florida Cancer Specialist Foundation or you're donating and also you're getting a chance to taste some really good red velvet cake," Lewis said. "I could just say, if there is something that you want to do, don't stop. If there is something you want to do, don't give up on it, because it's going to happen."

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