What is that noise? South Tampa neighbors search for source of mystery bass sound

South Tampa residents report heard a deep bass sound that can be felt on Saturday nights and into Sunday morning. 

Neighbors around South Tampa have a mystery on their hands. What is that strange noise?

Hundreds of people have taken to social media, complaining about a deep bass sound that can often be heard and even felt on some Saturday nights into the early morning hours. 

"A deep vibrating, bass sound," said Abbi Reynolds, a resident. "You can feel it when your head's down on the pillow."

People are reporting the low vibration from the top of the peninsula to the bottom, and clear to Davis Islands. So far, no one knows the source, not even the police.

"It seems like everybody has kind of the same experience where it's this eerie – am I really hearing that? It's weird," said Zach Reynolds, a Tampa resident.

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On several Saturday nights, for months, neighbors have raised complaints about the baffling, unidentifiable sound that goes on for hours.

"There is no real rhythmic music sound. There have never been vocals," Abbi said.

People posted on social media, saying, "my windows are literally rattling" and "it reverberates from neighboring tall houses like an echo chamber."

"We have complaints over in Davis Islands, Harbour Island, Bayside, Bayshore, South of Gandy, Virginia Park," Abbi said. "I mean, this is widespread. We're not sure if it's carrying over the water, but it's very disruptive."

Is it distant music? A party boat? Construction? Aliens?

"There are lots of theories out there," Zach said. "Lots of people are trying to figure out what it is."

The Tampa Police Department took several noise complaints last weekend, but despite their best efforts, they've yet to locate the source. MacDill Air Force Base confirmed that there are no current exercises happening, and even when they do, they usually take place on weekdays during duty hours.

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Yacht Starship said it's none of their boats. Their latest cruise docked in Channelside on Saturday at 11:30 p.m.

Weary neighbors are putting their heads together, looking to physics.

"We can get people together and triangulate the source and see if we can figure it out," Zach said. "For every doubling of distance for sound, the sound intensity reduces by six decibels."

Police have taken numerous calls about the noise but haven't figured out the source.

Police have taken numerous calls about the noise but haven't figured out the source. 

They're also considering search parties. 

"There's even a mom in my local Facebook group that really wants to take matters into our own hands on Saturday and put people in different areas of the city and try to figure it out," Abbi said.

Leave it up to these local Nancy Drews and MacGyvers. They won't rest until they get to the bottom of it.  

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"I feel like Tampa has a mystery here to uncover," Abbi said.

As we head into another weekend, the mystery remains. 

Anyone who hears excessive noise or loud music is asked to call the Tampa Police Department's non-emergency number at 813-231-6130.