Special education class goes viral with 'Baby Shark Challenge'

Photo: Assumption High School

The catchy 'Baby Shark' kids' song has popped up on dance floors, spin classes, and now a special education class.

Assumption High School teacher Paula Daigle tells KTVU she's been dancing with her class on Mondays - creating dance videos - for the past several years.

"We call them our Monday Videos. We saw the 'Baby Shark Challenge' and our kids loved it, so we played the video for them and they all jumped up and started dancing to it and doing the movements. We had to do the video at that point," she says. 

The students in the class range from ages 15 to 22 and their disabilities range from brain injuries, to Autism and Down Syndrome. 

Daigle says although some may think 'Music Video Mondays' is not a learning activity, "everything we do (in class) is in some way, shape or form learning.'"

The Facebook post has been shared more than 15 million times. Daigle says her students were shocked by their newfound fame. She joked saying, one student said, "Oh Mrs. Paula, we will be rich!"