St. Pete City Council votes to remove housing authority board members

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St. Pete City Council has voted to remove the three remaining board members in charge of the city’s affordable housing authority. 

This affects board members Delphinia Davis, Harry Harvey and Ann Sherman-White, who were removed on six charges stemming from poor attendance at meetings, lack of oversite, and violation of public record laws. 

None of the affected board members, or their attorneys, attended Thursday’s hearing at St. Pete City Hall. 

Their removal centers around the board's handling of the affordable housing director, Tony Love. 

Mayor Rick Kriseman says an investigation found the board gave Love a $10,000 raise despite some serious problems with his performance. Love is accused of yelling at his staff and making them do personal favors for him during office time.

An investigation by the city also found Love lived rent-free in affordable housing that could have gone to a low-income family, while Love was paid $140,000 a year. 

Only the affordable housing authority’s board has the authority to remove Love from his post. 

The former board members and Love couldn’t be reached for comment. They have all obtained attorneys. 

Board Member Harry Harvey told FOX 13 in April that “the truth would come out in court.”