St. Pete College honors those who fought after 9/11

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Thirteen thousand American flags cover St. Petersburg College's front lawn in honor of the post-9/11 service members who suffer from PTSD.

In total, the Camaraderie Foundation planted 40,000 American flags across Florida. Each one represents the number of reported cases in the state.

"It suggests we have a serious mental health problem," said Molly Longmire, of the Camaraderie Foundation.

The foundation focuses on providing resources for service members, active or retired, and their family members.

September 11 was a pivotal moment for our country, and since the terror attacks, Longmire says countless service members have paid the price with either their life or emotional well-being.

"Without 9/11 we wouldn't have this 18 year-long conflict," said Longmire.

The flags planted by volunteers Wednesday serve as a physical reminder of a mostly silent problem. Longmire hopes those suffering from PTSD seek the help they deserve.

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