St. Pete considers bringing e-scooters into city

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St. Pete could be rolling out its own e-scooter program this fall. 

Evan Mory, Transportation Director for the city of St. Petersburg, said officials have watched Tampa and other major U.S. cities roll out their own controversial pilot programs and they want to do the same here -- minus the kinks.

The problems in Tampa's pilot program include people driving them where they are not allowed, leaving the scooters scattered in random places.

There is also the issue of safety, after one person died in an accident with a semi-truck.

St. Pete plans to take advantage of a new bill recently signed by Governor Ron DeSantis which allows e-scooters to be used in bike lanes and in streets. 

Mory said they plan to ban the devices from most sidewalks, only allowing them on pedestrian and bike-friendly roadways.

"I think the companies are getting better and better with technology that allows geo-fencing," Mory told FOX 13. 

St. Pete says they are looking at vendors who will best enforce geo-fencing which will lock the scooter in forbidden places.