St. Pete high school students form choir, perform in campus bathroom

A group of talented boys at a St. Petersburg high school banded together to create their own choir. Their performance venue? Inside the boy's bathroom.

The Gibbs High School students call themselves the “Men’s Bathroom Choir” and their acoustics sound pretty good between the bathroom walls. The boys write their own arrangements and record themselves during lunchtime, according to school officials.

They have posted some of their performances on their YouTube channel, which include, “All I Want For Christmas,” “Drunken Sailor,” and the theme songs from the Marvel movie, “The Avengers.” As of Thursday morning, they had a fourth one in the works.

The boys said they’re just trying to improve the image of high school bathrooms.

You can listen to the full versions of their songs below:

Drunken Sailor

All I Want For Christmas

The Avengers