St. Pete PD to crack down on jaywalking

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If you're prone to jaywalk, you may want to think twice.

St. Pete police officers are issuing a warning that they are going to be cracking down after a very deadly 2017 for pedestrians.

Of all the fatal crashes in St. Pete this year, the majority of them involved pedestrians not using crosswalks.  

Police have taken notice and received a $72,000 grant to crack down.

Starting Tuesday St. Pete Police officers will be handing out more warnings and citations now through May of 2018.

Karen Schaefer was hit by a car while trying to get her dog out of the road on 66th Street. The driver still hasn’t been caught. 

“It’s not a pleasant feeling, I feel like I’ve had something taken away from me,” Schaefer said. “It’s just not right.”

St. Pete is not the only city doing this, other communities received grant money through the Florida Department of Education.