St. Petersburg lawmaker files bill to make it easier for breweries, distilleries to sell alcohol

A Florida lawmaker wants to make it easier for breweries and distilleries to sell their alcohol.

Under a new bill that was filed, businesses would be allowed to sell their products directly to vendors within their same county and adjacent counties. Florida's current alcohol-delivery laws requires breweries and distilleries to first sell their products to a third-party distributor. 

That company then sells the beer and liquor to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and other retailers.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Jeff Brandes, who has an ownership interest with Green Bench Brewing Company in St. Pete, says the current law makes no sense.

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"If I want to sell to the restaurant across the street, I can’t just take them the beer," he said. "The beer actually has to get on a truck, go to Tampa, get offloaded, get reloaded, and then sent back to them."

The bill would be considered during the legislative session, which begins January 11.

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