'Stand Your Ground' shooter's lawyer: 'He's not... some villain'

In the weeks since the July 19 shooting in the parking lot of a Clearwater convenience store, Michael Drejka has remained largely a mystery to the public.

Defense Attorney Lysa Clifton is now representing the 48-year-old and tells FOX 13 News there’s always two sides to every story.

“I think once our side, the defense, is allowed to come out and show who Michael Drejka really is, I think it might change a lot of people’s opinions on the case,” Clifton said. “He’s not what the people have made him out to be, some villain who goes around intentionally provoking and killing people.”

Drejka was arrested Monday and charged with manslaughter for shooting and killing Markeis McGlockton

The Clearwater man opened fire after McGlockton shoved him to ground for arguing with his girlfriend about parking in a handicap space.

Drejka remained a free man after the deadly confrontation because of Florida’s stand your ground law.  However, his legal team isn’t sure they will use that in his defense.

“This man stood up for himself in self-defense, period,” said Clifton.

Drejka is being held at the Health Care Facility at the Pinellas County Jail. Clifton says her client hasn’t said much but is concerned about his wife and their dogs.

Clifton does not have experience with manslaughter cases and explains that’s the reason Bryant Camareno and John Trevena were brought on as co-council.

Clifton says she took the case because she believes everyone deserves the right to a fair trial.

“People wanted it in the justice system, they got what they wanted, now let the justice system proceed,” Clifton said.

Clifton says she plans to file to have Drejka’s $100,000 bond reduced, and doesn’t think he should have to wear an ankle monitor if he does get out of jail.

Drejka is set to be arraigned in three-weeks.