Standing water remains, affecting Pasco Co. neighborhoods and roads

Dozens of Pasco County residents are in shelters tonight, while hundreds more are out of their homes as the Anclote River continues to crest.

"We were told we may not be allowed back in until Friday," said Elfers resident Leana Wilkerson.

The Red Cross says around 30 people will stay at their shelter overnight, which has been set up at 11611 Denton Rd. in Holiday.

The county ordered the shelters consolidated in order to make services and distribution of supplies more efficient.

Many said deputies knocked on their doors at around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday to say it was time get out.

With the water rising, they were given only 15 minutes to collect their valuables.

"It was dark," said Regina Marshall. "It was not raining but I could see the water rising up. It was just scary."

She says she is thinking about what is most important.

"Material things, they are replaceable," she said. "Family, friends, health, is where I am wanting to think more of."

Wilkerson says the feeling in the shelter is one of camaraderie.

"We are all in the same ordeal. You are making new friends. Everyone is going through the same thing. It is kind of warming that you are not here alone."

The Salvation Army has deployed a truck that has eight shower stalls in them for anyone who might need a shower.

That will be at the Presbyterian Church at 7540 Ridge Road in Port Richey.

They also have hot meals to serve at the Center of Hope, which is at 8040 Washington Street in Port Richey.

Here's the link for a map of the evacuation area.

Here's a link to the Anclote River levels.

FOX 13 will continue monitoring these locations, and will have updates as they become available.