Stars and stripes travel cross-country to Tampa

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A large group of runners carried the American flag down Bayshore Boulevard Friday evening in a show of pride for our nation's veterans. 

The flag they carried has been on a 4,000 mile trek from Seattle, all the way across the U.S. to Tampa.

As the runners made their way down Bayshore, car after car honked in support.
"We call those freedom honks when they drive by we get a lot of them especially here in Florida," project manager Donnie Starling said.

The flag's journey is called the Old Glory Relay - with 62 teams, holding high the stars and stripes on a trip across the country in 62 days.

"Our mission is to enrich the lives of veterans through social and athletic events. This is a capstone event we do every year," Starling said.

Each mile can be grueling, but the runners say motivation is easy to find.

"I tell people my Zen moment is hearing the flag snap over my head," said Starling.

The relay, which began on September 11, ended in grand fashion at Amalie Arena.

"It is really awesome to be with our veterans on Veteran's Day," said runner Nita Pennardt.