Still few details in shooting death of teen at Tampa PD officer's home

One month after their son, Bradley Hulett was shot to death at the home of a Tampa police officer, parents Meagan and Brad Hulett are still waiting for answers.

"I can't wrap my head around a loaded gun in a house with teenage boys, unsupervised," Mrs. Hulett told FOX 13's Gloria Gomez.

Their 15-year-old son never passed up the chance to play video games with his friends. His parents say that’s exactly what he was doing the moment he was shot.

"Bradley was gaming, had headphones on with his friends and one of the boys left the room, came back with a weapon, pointed it, fired, and hit him in the back of the head and killed him instantly," Mr. Hulett said. "There's obviously a lot more detail to that, but that’s what happened to our son."

Three of his friends were there that day, but only one of them is talking to investigators. The officer is talking, either. 

The Huletts want to know why the boys - who have spent countless hours together - are now silent.

"They're not random people. Now I just cannot get past the fact they will not tell police what happened. If it was an innocent accident, why won't you tell police what happened?" Meagan Hulett asked.

She says the three boys involved have visited her family since the shooting, but the rumors swirling at Newsome High School about what happened have been tough for Bradley’s little sister, Ava, who is a freshman at the school.

"On top of it, she’s got to see the person that killed her brother, all the boys that were there," said Brad Hulett. 

The Huletts say someone should face charges. They know it won't bring back their son, but that doesn’t mean they'll quit fighting for him.

"I think it's time they step up. I think its time to do the right thing," said Mr. Hulett.

The Huletts thanked the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for conducting a thorough investigation. They hope to get more answers on their son's death in the next couple of weeks.