Stores brace for last-minute Thanksgiving rush

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The day before Thanksgiving rush was in full effect at Bay Area Publix stores.

Shopper Holly Baker has a lot to be thankful for and she also still a lot to shop for.

“I love dessert, of course, I love the turkey and the dressing,” she said. 

FOX 13 followed her and her daughter around the store as they checked off item after item. She says having a list makes it so much easier.

“Make a list so you stay on track and don't buy unnecessary things,” she said.

Caki Rinaldo had a bit of a different take.

“It is actually our third trip to the grocery store,” she said.

She hopes the third time is the charm.

“There's an excitement in the air that wasn't something we were expecting we were like let's hurry up and go but it is fun to be out,” Rinald told FOX 13.

She added this, which is advice we could all use.

“Just keep smiling and keep being thankful,” she said.