Storm cleanup continues in Spring Hill

For a second day in a row, storm cleanup is underway across the Bay Area after several homes were damaged from four tornadoes touching down Friday evening.

Anthony Stellato’s girlfriend and their three-week-old baby girl were home alone in their Spring Hill home Friday night. Both of them took cover in an interior bathroom of their home and rode out the storm when it started getting bad. 

"There was a little bit of panic at first," Stellato said. "But I tried to keep myself calm."

Stellato was more than 45 minutes away in Citrus County, where he works as a firefighter.

"Nobody could get over here," Stellato said. "So I immediately left my job and tried to get here as fast as I could. There was some panic. It was scary definitely scary."

He came home to find the roof on the backside of their home ripped off.

"I could just see that the roof was gone," Stellato said. "I was kind of speechless really. I was just in shock."
By Sunday afternoon, most of the damage was cleaned up and hauled away thanks to people like Raffy Morales. 
"They are absolutely thankful," Morales said. "They're like how can we thank you and a lot of times we just say a handshake and keep us in your prayers."

Morales is part of Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, which is a non-profit disaster response team made up of former law enforcement officers, firefighters, and ex-military members who volunteer their time to help residents clean-up from storm damage.

Stellato says he's thankful Morales and his team have continued to help out even days after the storm.

"Within an hour they got here and they were helping right from the start to help clean everything up," Stellato said. "It's really nice to have people like that."