Students arrested for having firearm at Leto High School

Two Leto High School students have been arrested after one passed a firearm to the other in an attempt to hide it from administrators, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said two students were confronted by administrators who suspected the students had been smoking. The administrators asked to search the male students for smokable items, but one of them asked to step outside the room to charge his phone. 

A school employee followed the student and said she witnessed him hand an item to a female student before he returned to the administrators. 

Meanwhile, administrators said they found ammunition in his pocket. A search of the female student revealed she was in possession of a firearm.

One male and one female student were arrested and charged with possessing a firearm on school campus and possessing a firearm under the age of 18. 

Sheriff Chronister said the children and parents were not being cooperative with law enforcement.