Students get free dental work at Pinellas Health Department

Dentists in Pinellas County offered free dental work on Saturday to students going back to school next week. 

Dozens of families lined up at the Health Department building in Pinellas Park for walk-in teeth cleaning, sealant services, and dental exams. 

"We're trying to give them all the services they need today so they don't have to come back," said Department of Health Information Officer Maggie Hall. 

School supplies can add up fast for parents, but DOH offered all dental services at no cost Saturday morning to ease the financial back-to-school burden on local families. 

"To come here today was a very big help. Very convenient," said Keyla Pinkney, a local mother of two. "I really appreciate everything they did today."

Pinellas County health officials know it's hard to concentrate in class with a toothache, and they'd like to address any problems before the first day of school

"Every year we get multiple children that are sent from the school, from the school nurses or the parents bring them in because they're in so much pain," said Dr. Haychelle Saraydar, "They're swollen [so] they can't concentrate. They can't go to school, they can't study, they can't do homework. They're incapacitated."

The no-cost dental clinic lasted one day only, but for more information on the Pinellas in-school sealant program click here.