Study: Standing may make yucky foods more tolerable

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Sometimes it's not easy to get kids to eat foods they don't like.

Dr. Dipayan Biswais, a marketing professor at the University Of South Florida, may have a solution.

"If you have fussy kids who don't like vegetables because they don't like the taste of the vegetables, have them eat it standing up. The food won't taste that bad because your sensory sensitivity is down," said Dr. Biswais.

His study found that standing could make the foods you don't like more tolerable to your taste buds, however, sitting is still the best way to enjoy the foods you do like.

"When the participants were sitting, they rated the taste of the food much better than when they had the food standing", said Dr. Biswais.

Plus, anyone who wants to cut back on how much they eat might find standing while eating helpful.

"Usually people eat less when they are eating standing up then when they are sitting," said Dr. Biswais.

Dr. Biswais said it could also be a good idea to have kids stand when they are taking medicine they don't like.