Stun-gun suspect released to Lakeland home

A man accused of disciplining kids with a stun gun and sexually assaulting one is back in the neighborhood where the incidents allegedly happened.

"I think he needs to be locked up for life," Amanda Jimenez, who has three kids, told FOX 13.

The Polk Sheriff's Office just made automated phone calls to hundreds of people in the area to let them know Torres-Morales would be living there with his father.

"Community beware; he is out, and he shouldn't be," said Polk Sheriff Grady Judd.

Along with the children in the neighborhood, Torres-Morales will be living just down the street from Jessie Keene Elementary School.

"We are actually looking to move since he is around," said Amanda Ribero, who just had a baby.

William Torres-Morales and his friend, Eduardo Vasquez, also accused of torturing the kids with the stun gun, were living with their girlfriends and the children in the same home on Skye Place.

Vasquez has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. The women, accused of not stopping the men, are facing times behind bars as well.

The state wanted to prosecute Torres Morales, but hit a roadblock.  Two expert witnesses said Torres-Morales was not competent to stand trial. A judge decided to allow him to live with his father in his old neighborhood with GPS monitoring.

Torres-Morales could go to trial if he eventually deemed competent.