Surveillance camera catches bear at poolside at Orlando home

An Orlando family was stunned Friday to see a bear wandering around their screened in porch.

It technically happened early Thursday morning, but Tasha Meyers and her husband only discovered the large intruder after stumbling upon his stroll on their security cameras.

"It was 2:50 a.m.,” said Meyers. “It just came right in.”

Meyers thinks the family must have left the door to the porch slightly open. The large black bear simply walked in, wandered around the pool and their patio furniture for a bit and then walked back out.

"To see it on the back lanai, it was hours later, but still I was a little taken back,” said Meyers.

The family thinks the bear was just looking for food. An expert told FOX 35 this week that bear sightings are up across the area right now as the animals are trying to store up on food before the winter.