Suspect arrested in elderly shopper's carjacking

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The 23-year-old who allegedly carjacked an elderly woman on Thursday morning has now been charged with robbing a second senior citizen at Countryside Mall.

Amber Arnesen was allegedly caught with the first victim's car and some of the second victim's belongings.

"Out of the corner of my eye I saw somebody," said Jeanne Plaskett, the robbery victim. "They were just kind of standing around."

Plaskett had been shopping at Sears.

"The next thing I know, as I am getting in (to my car), I have a body on top of me," she said. "(They) grabbed my purse."

Plaskett grabbed at the suspect.

"She took off so fast that I ripped her shirt."

Plaskett watched the woman get into a white Cadillac, which she later found out was the same make and model of the vehicle stolen from an 83-year-old woman five hours earlier in Port Richey.

"She got into the car and they sped off."

Police caught Arnesen early this morning and have charged her with both the initial carjacking and the subsequent robbery of Plaskett.

Plaskett says the credit cards in her purse were used at a McDonald's, a Walmart and a dollar store.

"They're going to take a female who has white hair," she said.

Plaskett hopes the incident leads the mall the beef up security, and is the last time Arnesen allegedly rips someone off.

"That's not the way I was brought up, that's not the way I brought my children up," she said. "I just find it incredibly sad that we have these scummy people."

Police say Arnesen has confessed, and they are looking for a second suspect.