Suspect in custody after police pursuit in the Villages

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A man was barricaded inside a home until he drove out through the garage door and led deputies on a chase.

It all started with a robbery at the Belle Glade Country Club in the Village of La Belle. And it all ended late Tuesday morning with a chase and a takedown in the middle of a field just a few miles away.

Sumter County deputies say the man, named Brian Davis, robbed and fought the manager of Belle Glade Country Club in the early morning hours of Tuesday. The manager was closing up for the night and when he walked out, he was intercepted by Davis, who had a firearm. they got into a fight.

Deputies went on to say that when he left, he went to his girlfriend's parent's house nearby. He barricaded himself in the home, still armed, and said that he was not going back to jail or prison. 

Shots eventually were fired and deputies say that when that happened, David drove an SUV right through the garage door of the home. Deputies chased the SUV for about ten minutes until finally stopping him in a pasture. 

No one was hurt during this chase and Davis was arrested. Deputies are still trying to get a handle on why all this started in the first place.