Suspect throws box of lit fireworks into pizza shop

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Police are investigating a bizarre crime at a pizza parlor in Liverpool, England.

Security footage shows a man tossing a box of lit fireworks on the floor of the Hello Pizza shop Monday and then running away.

The video shows the dramatic moments as an employee and customer run for cover after the fireworks start going off.

The two were clearly caught off guard. They both seem to be almost bored before the box appears just inside the front door.

The suspect runs over, throws the box inside, closes the once-open front door, and runs off.

The customer first seems to debate running around the box and out of the door, but quickly retreats, jumping over the front counter and into the back of the restaurant.

Local media says the fireworks may have been placed in the store as some sort of revenge after officers were called there for an earlier incident.

No injuries were reported.