Sweetwater Organic Community Farm celebrates 25 years

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When you think of Tampa, you probably don't think of farms. But for 25 years, folks have been out on the farm right in the middle of town.

FOX 13's Chip Brewster took a tour with Sweetwater Organic Community Farm Executive Director Yvette Rouse.

Rouse explained the farm prides itself on fresh, organic food as well as being an educational tool for Tampa residents.

The farm’s staff tends the gardens, but they also provide education, workshops, field trips, and fundraising to community members of all ages. They also offer many opportunities to volunteer.

Volunteers do things like build raised beds, paint garden features, weed gardens, and maintain the grounds.

The farm has a large, circular herb garden, many raised-bed gardens, and ground-level gardens.

The plants are typically started from seed, giving students and adults a new appreciation for the food they eat.

Sweetwater Organic Community Farm opens its market to the public on Sundays. For more information on the farm and events, visit sweetwater-organic.org.