Take out that aggression by flinging an axe

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Feel like flinging an axe at something? You're in luck because this cleaver craze is here in the Tampa Bay area.

We visited Raider Axe Lodge at 5012 North Coolidge Road in Tampa to see what the fuss was all about. 

At first, there's a slight intimidation factor. It's not everyday that you see a pile of axes and chopped up wooden targets.  But after a very thorough briefing by Frederick, it's plain to see that this is like a dart game on steroids.

For the fitness lover, there is a cardio element to this game with some constant and repetitive motion. For the game lover there's the scoring and team play. For the prepper type, you're learning a survival skill -- what better way to dispatch zombies, right?

The ground rules are simple. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move about in easily. Wear closed-toed shoes. No throwing axes while someone else is removing their axe from the target. From there on, pretty much anything goes.

Frederick demonstrated the throwing options. There's a two-handed behind-the-head extension and forward throw; and there's the one-handed behind-the-shoulder forward fling. From there, he showed how to throw two at a time, three at a time, four at a time -- and then told us that the record is five. 

Whichever way you prefer, the trick is to get into a groove with a similar motion, and at RAL, you have two hours to get comfortable.

The throwing axes, hatchets really, are different shapes and sizes. The axe head has the weight with the handle giving the thrower leverage for the throw. Try each of the axes out to find the one that feels best in your hand.

If throwing the axes gets old, there are throwing knives, stars and even spears to try out. Again, for the doomsday prepper, these are survival skills. For everyone else, it's just plain old fun.

Raider Axe Lodge will book individuals, groups and even corporate teams. There are two ranges of four targets each and there can be two persons throwing at a time on each range (giving one lane of space between flinging folks).

The guides will walk you through the different tools, and, as you progress, will start up the games between groups.

LINK: For more information: https://raideraxelodge.com