Taking a swing at Topgolf

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Florida is certainly known for having some of the best golf courses in the world, but especially this time of year, the humid and tropical weather doesn’t cooperate with plans for a tee time. 

Topgolf in Brandon puts a different spin on golf, getting people of all interest levels involved in the sport.

“Here, you're coming for fun,” offered Topgolf’s director of instruction, John Aguilar, who has been working for Topgolf since its start in Brandon four years ago. “Have some drinks, some food. Hit some shots into targets, and just have a good time."

Topgolf has 51 locations nationwide, with a new site in Orlando.  Topgolf is mainly known as an entertainment venue, though fun aside, it’s for even the most experienced golfers, and showcases the best technology. 

A computer system works with each ball to tell you the distance, and you can also work with a swing coach to up your game. 

“There’s a radio frequency ID chip in each ball and you’re aiming for targets,” Aguilar said. 

In recent years -- the golfing industry has faced the challenge of getting younger people excited over the sport; Aguilar says Topgolf is changing that. 

"We are going to be responsible for growing the game of golf, because this is where you put a club in people's hands that would have never thought to do it."

LINK: If you’re interested in booking an event, you can do so at topgolf.com