Tampa Bay residents react to new CDC guidelines for face coverings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday that fully vaccinated people can be outdoors in small groups without having to wear a mask.

FOX 13 asked people who live in the Tampa Bay area about their perception of masks now that more and more people are getting vaccinated and fewer positive cases are being reported.

"I mean, if you got your shots, like I got mine…I think it's up to the individual now," said Ann Skoglund, from Zephyrhills.

Others agree with the CDC loosening restrictions on masks.

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"I definitely still think they're needed in closed places where people are in close contact but I think outdoors right now, I think we no longer need them," said Fred Kapner from Lakeland.

Some say people should never have had to wear masks outdoors.

"I think it's a choice, honestly. Personally. when I did go in a store. I'd wear a mask, but it's an individual's choice. I mean, if they choose not to, it's on them," said John Abbott from Apollo Beach.

Health experts say they hope these guidelines help those who are fully vaccinated to get back to their normal routines safely and encourage others to get the shot if they haven't yet.