Tampa condo residents saved by carbon monoxide detector

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A carbon monoxide detector may have saved lives early Thursday morning.

Tampa police responded to a 911 call that came in after a carbon monoxide detector alarm sounded at the Cordoba and Beach Park Condos near O'Brien Street and Kennedy Boulevard.

Fire crews detected high levels of the deadly gas in one apartment building on the property. Officers and firefighters went door-to-door clearing residents out of the building.

According to police, after receiving no response from two of the units, officers made forced entry. One apartment was vacant. In the other, emergency personnel found a 32-year-old woman and her small dog-- both unresponsive. 

Firefighters administered life-saving measures, including giving both the woman and dog oxygen. The woman was transported to the hospital. The dog was taken in by a neighbor. Authorities say both are expected to survive. 

The source of the carbon monoxide was determined by authorities on scene to be a vehicle that was left running inside a closed garage in the apartment complex.