Tampa food cart makes Yelp 100

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Across from the high rises in downtown Tampa, at MacDill Park, a small food cart is delivering big business.

Dylan Frechette owns, operates, and is the sole employee of Yolk, White and Associates, a small trailer servicing limited breakfast items.

"I do some omelets and then I do a couple of sandwiches," said Frechette.

He started serving these specialties more than four years ago and customers keep coming back. 

When FOX 13 News stopped by, the folks we spoke with all agreed: The food and service can't be beaten.

"I come here twice a week," said Pierre Tanner. "He knows his customers really well. He memorized my name and my meal the first time we met."

"I'm friendly with people, I know people's names," said Frechette.

Word of mouth is so good on this breakfast business, that it made the Yelp 100, the online review website's list of the top places to eat in the country.  

"I was happy with it. It kind of took me by surprise," said Frechette.

The notoriety is attracting more customers.

"That really helps stabilize my business and then I get tourists and stuff like that come through," said Frechette.

While he delivers on taste, the secret to this humble businessman's success lies in a simple question. 

"What would I expect from food service?" Frechette asked. 

For more information on Yolk, White and Associates and the Yelp 100, visit www.yelp.com/biz/yolk-white-and-associates-tampa