Tampa judge considers Casey Anthony bankruptcy case

Long after Casey Anthony was acquitted for killing her daughter Caylee, the infamous defendant is still dealing with the fallout from her trial. In a Tampa federal courtroom today, Casey Anthony was back on the docket. 

Years ago, she filed for bankruptcy here. Now, she’s being sued by meter-reader Roy Kronk.

Kronk discovered little Caylee's body in a wooded area near the Anthony home.  During the trial, Anthony’s defense team created a cloud of suspicion around Kronk suggesting he was the real killer

Now, Kronk's attorney Howard Marks says Anthony’s actions were willful and malicious -- and she needs pay up.

“This bankruptcy has wiped out any claim that anybody could have possibly had against her. Except Roy Kronk was the last man standing and we are trying to hold her accountable for her actions," said Marks.  

However, Anthony’s attorney David Schrader says his client should not be held responsible for the action of her attorneys. Besides, he adds, she's broke.

"They're looking for money. She'll never have any money. She'll never have significant money that they are looking for," Schrader insisted.

Kronk's attorney now wants a federal judge in Tampa to allow a defamation lawsuit to go forward in Orlando.  If Kronk wins that battle, he could force Casey Anthony to do something she never did in her criminal trial -- testify in front of a jury.

The judge is asking for more written arguments and could rule in two months.