Tampa man uses reclaimed wood in home renovations

From doors and fireplace mantles, to closets and bathroom vanities – one man is bringing reclaimed wood back to life in new and creative designs.

Greg Dukette of Rescued Wood said he’s been around reclaimed wood, woodworking and construction for most of his life. That was enough motivation to create his company three years ago.

"I've done everything from tables to doors to built-ins to closets, kitchen cabinets, accent pieces; just about anything out of wood,” he said. "I primarily work with reclaimed wood."

Dukette said he gets wood from Tampa and even outside of the state. He has even pulled wood from an old barn.

"What's fun about the old piece of wood is that you know something is good about that piece of wood or you're curious about that piece of wood,” he said. “You bring it home and you start working on it and the more you expose, the more beauty comes out of that piece of wood."

Sometimes, the look of the project changes as he works with the wood, but he works with customer every step of the way -- from sample staining at the beginning to the different stages of wood.

Currently, Dukette is working on one big project: A master closet and master bathroom vanity.

"I really have a passion for it. I enjoy seeing the outcome, and I really enjoy seeing the customer smile at the end,” he said. “I just love hearing them say it's more than they imagined."

LINK: Learn more about Rescued Wood through the business’ Facebook page