Tampa Marine gets royal attention at Invictus Games

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Maybe you've seen Mike Nicholson training in the pool at the South Tampa YMCA. The Marine lost his limbs in battle but found new hope in sports.

"When I got hit six years ago, I pretty much thought that was it. I  never thought there was a chance of having a family or playing sports ever again."

But he has both. With his wife Katie and 7-month-old son Sawyer, he traveled to Toronto to compete in the Invictus Games -- an Olympics-style competition for wounded veteran athletes from 17 countries.

One of Mike's sports is golf. He hit a great shot that caught the eye of the event's host, Britain's Prince Harry.  The prince applauded and congratulated Nicholson on the course and called him out by name in the closing ceremonies.

"When he comes up to you, it's not like you're talking to royalty or a prince. He's just one of the guys," offered Nicholson.

Both he and Prince Harry served in Afghanistan.

Nicholson says he hopes to compete in next year's Invictus Games in Australia.