Tampa opens new fire rescue station amid booming Sulphur Springs population

Many Tampa firefighters are working even harder to keep up with demand – and are desperate for relief – as Tampa's population continues to expand. 

City leaders heard the concerns and hopefully delivered some relief with the opening of Tampa Fire Rescue Station No. 25, which officially opened Tuesday to help serve the Sulphur Springs area.  

The building was originally a fire station, but then was transformed into a K-9 training center for the Tampa Police Department. Now the building is going back to its roots, standing as the newest fire rescue station in Tampa.

Four new employees have been brought on along with two additional rescue units.

Tampa Fire Rescue Station No. 25 in Sulphur Springs

Tampa Fire Rescue Station No. 25 opens in Sulphur Springs

Station No. 25 will be a rescue station, meaning trained firefighter-paramedics will respond mostly to medical calls and other emergencies. Since EMS requests make up 90% of calls that come in throughout the Sulphur Springs area, the rescue capabilities of this fire rescue operation will make a big difference. 

The new station will also provide some much-needed relief to Station No. 13 near Busch Gardens. Before Station No. 25, Station No. 13 was the busiest fire rescue station in Tampa – and among the busiest stations in the nation. 

While the added station will be a game-changer for the Sulphur Springs area, Tampa Fire Rescue Chief Barbara Tripps told FOX13 she is not stopping here.

Tampa Fire Rescue Station No. 25 in Sulphur Springs

Tampa Fire Rescue Station No. 25 in Sulphur Springs

While the station will provide necessary relief and faster response times, she’s hopeful more stations can be built soon. 

As the city of Tampa continues to grow, she said emergency response services need to, as well. 

Tuesday morning, Chief Tripp, Mayor Jane Castor, and local leaders were at Station No. 25 for its grand opening to give the community a first look inside the new station.