Tampa PD K9s water train at Adventure Island

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What happens when you put 50 police dogs in a water park? You get police K9s perfectly trained for the Bay Area.

With all the water around us, dogs sometimes have to get wet to get the bad guy.

At Adventure Island the waves can be controlled to challenge the dogs - safely. 

And the kiddie play area - with its water cannons and squirt guns - creates a chaotic environment for the dogs chasing a "bad guy" up a ladder.

"In this training, everything they do, they win; like a prizefighter that's 50-0. When they hit the streets they think they're the biggest, baddest thing in the world because they've never lost," says instructor and Tampa Police K9 officer Ryan Flannigan.

Tampa Police Department Officer Tim Bergman's dog, Pyro, has only been a police K9 for eight days, but he's already training at Adventure Island.

Bergman and his original K-9 partner, Indo, were injured when they were searching for a robbery suspect.

"Him and I both were set on fire as we entered the house," says Bergman.

They're both OK, but Indo is retired and living with Bergman at home. Now he takes Pyro to work.

"He's got some big shoes to fill," says Bergman.

Officers form a deep bond with their K9 partners. On Officer Bridget Coyman's command, her dog Jagger leapt from a 10-foot platform to the water below. She then jumped in after him.

"He would save my life, no doubt, and I would save his," she says.