Tampa photography exhibit captures Black history in the making

A group of twelve Bay Area Black photographers has teamed up to document the recent protests around Tampa Bay. They call themselves The Black Activist Photographers and you can see their work at a local exhibit this weekend. 

“We are just a group of Black photographers who have come together to start capturing this movement” explained group founder Ashley Canay. “We feel like this is a big part of the black history movement in Tampa. With us being from Tampa, we felt it was important for us to be a part of the photographer collective capturing what is going on right now.”

The exhibit is called ‘Eye of the Storm’ and is at Café Hey located at 1540 North Franklin St. in Tampa, on Sunday, June 28, from 5-10 p.m. Tickets are a $5 donation. The money raised will help fund future exhibits.

Photographers who contributed to the exhibit include:
-Ashley Canay
-Zaloriea Jackson
-James Jackson
-Lisa Thelwell 
-Karissa Hart 
-Emmitt Lane 
-Patrick Lamar 
-Tracy Renee 
-Whitley Wilks 
-Valansiar Key 
-Terri Edwards