Tampa photography exhibit features candid family moments

Professional photographer Agueda Sanfiz is excited to be taking part in the documentary family photography exhibit called "Picture (I'm) Perfect" at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa.

"We have people from all over, from west coast, east coast, rural areas in Milwaukee, big cities like Washington D.C.," Sanfiz explained. 

The exhibit highlights candid professional family photos, not pictures taken in a studio.  

"I might go with them to the beach. I might go with them to the amusement park. I go anywhere they want me to go," Sanfiz said.  

For Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Executive Director Zora Carrier, it's a new way to tell an old story. 

"These pictures are by professional photographers who just wanted to bring some innovation on how we understand our family's images," she stated. 

There were 46 photographers that took part in the community gallery.  

"The images that we are getting from these sessions are extremely vivid, extremely authentic and beautifully documenting how our families really live and grow together," explained Carrier.

Photographers like Sanfiz spend hours with families to get the natural shots. 

"For the parents to have those moments are really meaningful because they will know that everything that their kid was doing and all the family’s situations that they were in were not directed, not posed, but live as it was happening and I was just there to capture it," Sanfiz said. 

This is the first year for the collections. The exhibition will be at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts until the end of the month.

LINK: For more information on the exhibit visit https://www.fmopa.org.


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