Tampa woman has a few -- hundred -- cookie jars

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You're about to enter into a world of wonder and amazement. Mary Schrader’s home is more like a museum than a place to live.

"These are Hummels, and there the largest three ever made," she explained, adding that she has more than 2,000 in her collection.

But the crown jewels in all of Mary's collectables are her cookie jars. "I’ve got over 1,100 of them," she continued. "This is my favorite. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

The second floor of her home is filled with them. "It’s an obsession I guess," she chuckled.

Her obsession started more than 15 years ago. She had a big space to fill on a kitchen shelf.  So she thought a big shinny cookie jar would look great.

"I started filling the whole thing with cookie jars and then it kind of got out of hand. Then I had too many and we had to put them someplace else besides the kitchen," Mary said.

Mary's cookie jars come from all over the world. "Some of them are from Europe, some of them are from here. They're old ones, there's new ones."

They're even one of Elvis. "And he's heavy," Mary offered.

Mary is always looking to increase her inventory. "This is Lucy and Dez, Fred and Ethel."

"Someday I will quit,” she added. “I don't know when that will be."