Tampa woman selling massive ornament collection

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If you thought you were a fan of Christmas, you haven't met Tampa resident Clara Scroggins. She has been named the 'Queen of Christmas,' and she currently boasts one of the largest Christmas ornament collections in the world.

Over the past 50 years, Scroggins has collected over one million ornaments. Her collection even includes signed pieces from designers such as Versace, Faberge, Waterford and Warhol.

"We have been pulling bins and bins and boxes and bins, and what's crazy is every time we open a box and you think 'I've seen this, I've already seen this,'  but we find something new," said Laura Bruce, the owner of Caring Transitions, the company that has organized an estate sale for Scroggins.

Now in her eighties, Scroggins is currently in a nursing home and is parting ways with much of her collection. She hopes that other Christmas fanatics will appreciate each unique piece just as much as she did.

"When I find one that I'm looking for, I'm just overwhelmed excited. I can't wait to call my sister when I'm done here and tell her what I was able to accomplish," said Heather Taft, an ornament collector.

Born a New Year's Day baby, Scroggins always had a special passion for the holidays. After her husband died, she dedicated her years to growing her collection.

"She loves the history of ornaments, she loves the history of collecting, so It's not just about the ornament necessarily but the history," said Bruce.

Scroggins also toured with Hallmark, wrote numerous books and became friends with ornament collectors and designers, making her collection not only one of a kind, but a reminder of her legacy.

"I would love to meet her in person just to hear some of those stories being a collector of Hallmark myself," said Taft. "I think she's absolutely amazing."

As each ornament now finds a new home for the holiday, Scroggins' passion for Christmas continues to live on.