Technology could be the answer to better sleep

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If you're having trouble sleeping at night, you may find more companies are adding technology to their products to help.

The Centers for Disease Control - the CDC - says more than a third of Americans aren't getting enough sleep.

If you're dreaming of dreaming instead of tossing and turning, maybe there's a 'smart' solution.

There are now pillows that track your sleep patterns, special lights to help set your body's clock, mattresses you can make cooler or warmer, and softer or harder, and even beds that self-adjust.

If you go mattress shopping at a store like Sleep Number, associates have you lie down on one of their adjustable beds to find out your Sleep Number - adjusting the firmness until you say you feel adequate support.

The Sleep Numbers range from firm, at 100, all the way down to five. A live pressure map shows where you need support on your body to help you decide.

This type of smart bed connects to your tablet or phone to chart how well you're sleeping - or not. So you can adjust the angle and firmness accordingly.

And now, a new model from Sleep Number does that automatically while you're sleeping. It will send a sleep report to your smart device and you can answer a question about why you might have been tossing and turning. The bed will adjust the next night to try to troubleshoot the problem.

Mike Smoth, the manager of a Tampa Sleep Number store says it will also adjust on its own with no information from you. The goal is a full night of rest - charted.

"It's intuitive and it takes about seven days or so to really learn you," he explained.

Sleep Number's 360 Smart Series can go as high as $5000.

If you're looking for a less expensive option, Indigo Sleep's Comfort Always Mattress lets you replace one part at a time at a price tag of about $500 for a queen.

Lisa Spinola, Indigo Sleep’s director of customer care and social media says, "It's really just the top four inches that wear out so with the indigo bed you can replace those top four for about half the price of what your normal mattress would cost."

You can also personalize it for your side versus your partners with firm on one half, soft on the other.

For anyone who thinks all they need is a better pillow, the smart pillow by Zeeq gently vibrates to quiet snoring and soothes you back to sleep. It also can link up to your playlists or audio books and log sleep patterns. It costs about $300.

These days, when it comes to selling sleep, it's all about customizing your comfort.