Terror attack 'person of interest' also has Tampa ties

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A second person possibly involved in the New York City terror attack has a Tampa connection.

The FBI is questioning Mukhammadzoir Kadirov as a person of interest, though at this point he's not been arrested.

A public records search of his name brings up a Tampa address. Stunned neighbors recall seeing him as recently as a few months ago.

He apparently lived at the Wexford Apartments off of Orient Road, north of East Hillsborough Avenue.

It's just a few miles from the former address of Sayfullo Saipov, the main suspect in Tuesday’s terror attack.

“I know that's him for sure. I have very good memory. That's him for sure,” Jeremy Clemente told FOX 13 News.

Clemente says he used to live right below Kadirov. He says he found some of Kadirov's mannerisms odd but never imagined his former upstairs neighbor was capable of terror.

The FBI hasn't revealed how involved Kadirov may have been with Tuesday’s deadly attack in New York.

All we know is they've located the 32-year-old Uzbekistan native and is questioning him about the incident.

“By himself, he was cautious of his surroundings. So like, he was like, he would always look around, make sure nobody was looking at him. I don't know why. Other than that, when he was with his kids and his wife he was fine,” Clemente said.

Clemente also recalls hearing loud noises, often in the middle of the night.

“Loud noises and waking up and everything. All the time, every morning, I have school and I’m like. My mom went up there and yelled at him for it. After that, he just left,” Clemente said.

A man by the name of Chris currently rents the unit where Kadirov lived.

“Never heard nothing about him, they don’t really tell us much at the office,” Chris said, adding that the FBI has been stopping by frequently with questions. “Like once every two hours or so… Just simple things. ‘Was there anything weird when you moved in?’ Things like that.”

Tuesday evening it was the same scene, just three miles away at the Heritage at Tampa apartments.

That's where public records show Sayfullo Saipov - the accused mastermind in the terror attack - lived before moving to New Jersey.

Federal agents spent hours searching his old apartment and interviewing neighbors.

Thought it's been months since Kadirov moved out, the Tampa connections to this terror plot are becoming a little too close for comfort for many.

It's just shocking. I have a loss of words to be honest.

A member of law enforcement told the Associated Press, Kadirov may or may not have a role in the case.