The 3 Ps: How Florida voters feel about the presidency, pandemic, and personal issues

Election years always bring up a number of wide-ranging issues that are important to voters. 2020 is no different. 

FOX 13 News spent time on the eve of Election Day, chatting with Tampa Bay voters in an effort to narrow down three of the biggest issues driving people to the polls. 

We’ll call them the 3 Ps. The first is obvious -- the president.

“Look at the guy who followed through on what the said he's going to do,” said Tim Johnson, a Trump supporter.

“The issue of doing what’s right in life,” said Biden supporter Billy Howard.

Next, there’s the pandemic

COVID-19 is responsible for 230,000 deaths, including 17,000 in Florida. It’s also crushed the economy.  

“Because it’s the leading issue right now that’s affecting a lot of other things, it becomes a major concern,” said voter Watson Dorelus.

Finally, there are issues personal to voters.

These can include a lot of different things and may weigh heavily in the background.

“The political culture,” said voter Jon Pederson.

“Bringing respect back to the White House,” said voter Bob Busch.

“The economy, our border-immigration, basic safety,” said voter Maureen Murphy.

FOX 13 also asked voters how confident they were in their candidate winning. People on both sides of the aisle said they were nervous heading into Tuesday.