The future of college: Drone School

By now most people have seen some kind of drone flying around the Tampa Bay area. Drones are used for many things, and now you can even take college classes for them. 

St. Petersburg College now offers drone training classes, giving students a chance to get their foot in the drone industry. 

The use of drones continues to grow, creating more and more jobs for drone experts. 

"There's going to be tons of jobs, obviously the military, anything technology related and a ton of photography jobs," said program coordinator Dan Fumano. 

Drones have been used in the military, for search and rescue, and even to deliver packages. 

"It's definitely the future, and we have the certification classes for that," added Fumano. 

There are different types of drones and some can do more than others. Some drones have attachments like a speaker that can be used to get information to people out of reach. 

"There's a lot of things out there that, these drones, just make everyday jobs better and easier," said drone worker Keith. 

LINK: For more information, visit SPC's website