The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln's glitter battle

Norman Reedus doesn't glitter, but his pranks do tend to sparkle.

'The Walking Dead' star is known to be a bit of a prankster. He posted a video to his official Facebook page showing his latest prank on co-star Andrew Lincoln.

The stars rely on the air conditioners in their car after a long, hard day of shooting under the extremely hot Georgia sun, but Reedus may just make his co-stars think twice about just flipping on the switch without checking first.

The video shows Lincoln turning on his AC while Reedus shoots the video. The air starts blowing and so do thousands of pieces of tiny multi-colored glitter from the air vents all towards Lincoln. The video shows the glitter sticking to the dashboard, seats, and yes, even Lincoln.

The video which was posted last Thursday has received more than 13 million views on Facebook and brought a bit of international humiliation according to Lincoln who was attending Comic-Con this weekend with his 'The Walking Dead' co-stars. Lincoln recounted the prank during one of the panels which was captured by Films That Rocks and uploaded to YouTube.

About 1:25 into the video, Lincoln thinks he is about to best the pranksting Reedus. He suddenly turns with a handful of gold glitter and blows his way. The tiny metallic pieces seem to fly everywhere, including Lincoln's beard, but doesn't seem to affect Reedus that much.

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Comic-Con Panel and 'The Talking Dead' host Chris Hardwick then walks over to take a selfie with Reedus and Lincoln.

The crowd definitely loved the whole thing!